The Writers

We are an experienced-based brand where we allow anyone who can write to get featured on the page no matter the background or skill level. We have a few dedicated writers which are great. Our long term goal is to have a dedicated team to mange the content creation along with the free-lace/ general public articles which is honestly one of the best sides of our distribution model.

The Dedicated Team:

Mats-André Buraas

Coming from one of the advanced societies in terms of sustainable transportation, Mats is a huge asset to our team as he frequently sends articles on a weekly basis anywhere from cars which he reviews, and his personal inputs about news which surfaces. HE joined the team during the original concept ideas for the brand and he has invested much of his time in the initial setup.

Caden Cantrell

A relatively new writer to the page, but still a good a consistent one. Caden is a great writer along with being a photographer h is cable of taking pictures. He is very knowledgeable in this space which is essential to our team.

Our free-lancers:

Jayden Upchurch