Is the Mercedes EQC still one of the best in 2021? Is it better than e-Tron, Tesla Model X?

The Mercedes Benz EQC came out a few years ago now, but Bertel O. Steen Sarpsborg just got a new demo car. The old conclusion still stands, it’s brilliant. How brilliant is it? Does it still live up to the hype in 2021?

The Overview

Outside its all snow, ice and 5 centigrade below freezing, and you take note of the conditions, but the car cocoons you in a hot cabin surrounded by high end sound from the Burmeister sound system, massaging seats and effortless uninterrupted power from the two electric motors.

The car looks cool and slightly mean in the satin charcoal colour that Mercedes calls ‘Designo Selenite grey’, it gets a lot more presence. The colour costs 19.050NOK (around $20,000), it is also an AMG line and comes in at a little around 699,000NOK (around $70,000) give or take options and the federal tax credits of which you can find in your local council websites or doing some research online.

The LED DRL (Daylight running lights) at the front has a modern, but clean and timeless look to them. The same goes for the whole design as such, it looks modern without trying too hard, and the rear light strip just looks cool, they just are, full stop.

When you look at the massive bonnet one salivates at the massive trunk it must hide. But sadly, there is only a big plastic piece beneath, just like there is a transmission tunnel in the back and a traditional small sunroof. It all shows that this is not an optimised electric car on the newest platform, oh and I would skip the step boards on the side, they only get in the way when you try to enter and exit the car and dirties up your trouser legs too.

Behind that big rear hatch, you have 500 litres of luggage space, it can of course be increased to 1460 litres with the seats down. This is behind all of its competitors, including the jaguar i-Pace, but it is squared off and easy to use. While in the back you also find buttons for the electrically operated tow hitch that can take 1800kg, so on par with most of the competition there.

The rear seats are comfortable, but as the car are markedly smaller than an Audi e-Tron it does have less space in the back, but I can sit behind myself if I need to at 1.89m (6ft 2in). The wooden inlays in the doors and the silver metal speaker grills helps lift the otherwise dark interior.

Like I said, the car only has a traditional sunroof, so it might feel a bit dark in the back, but this is an individual choice.

As always Mercedes Benz puts all the controls on the door-card, this makes everything easy to find, and adjusting the seats very easy, even the seat bottoms can be adjusted electrically to give you the optimal seating position.

The seats themselves are among the best in the business, they just seem right first time, they can also massage your back should you so wish.

The interior is clad in leather, some shiny black plastic and some silver coloured plastics rib that runs from the doors, along the entire with of the car under the windshield.

On the whole it looks very good, the air vents might look a bit much, but I leave that to you.

It feels like the car is built around you and it might feel a bit cramped for some. But it is a very nice layout and a pleasant place to be, and one quickly comes to like it.

One benefit of a slightly tighter packed cabin is that all the buttons, touch surfaces and storage are easily within reach, the armrest hides a nice storage unit and opens in a very elegant way.

The screens are split in two, one with speed, range and driver information, and the other for everything else. You can operate the latter either as a touch screen, with the touchpad between the seats or with the touch sensitive surfaces on the steering wheel. And while all that might sound like overkill, it actually works very good indeed.

Most if not all the controls are on the steering wheel, and while it can look a bit busy, it works well enough and has a quality feel to it, as the entire steering wheel too.

As a driver, to operate more or less intuitive touch screens can be a slight annoyance, even though one gets used to and knows the system over time.

But those touch surfaces on the steering wheel, even though small black spots, works very well because they give off a clicking noise as you move around in the menu, it also have haptic feedback so it makes navigating the screen just with your thumb very easy, and more manufacturers should do something similar.

The screen behind the steering wheel contains the trip computer, and shows the consumption and all the normal stuff, it can be configured to show the digital dials in three different styles each containing slightly different information inside them and are clear and very easy to read

Burmeister is a legendary brand for those that love high-end sound, and in an electric car with good sound insulation and double glass, it sounds fantastic. It ekes out every little detail of whatever music you want to listen to while being very neutral and never letting anything dominate the sound stage

To drive it is comfortable and quiet, and the car insulates you from the rest of the world very well. Put the suspension in comfort, and it becomes a great waft mobile of a high order. The Audi is not this comfortable, and the i-Pace is always a bit sporty and playful, so if you want pure comfort, then this is it.

The steering is easy and gives you the confidence you need, even though it’s a long car, it has a good turning circle, on traditional Mercedes manner.

It handles these atrocious conditions of snow and ice very well, with a motor on each axle progress is never an issue, if you provoke it you can feel it slipping slightly before shuffling power around and finding grip. The steering is very precise while not giving the most feedback, but never leaves you wondering about what is going on. It feels safe and predictable in everything it does and would never surprise in any way. Just keep in mind that the ride height of around 15cm isn’t very much.

The car doesn’t need 408hp or 760Nm, but it makes it feel so effortless, you never feel anything is rushed or stressed when reaching motorway speeds or whatever it is.

Being a car that is as quiet in 150km/h as in 50, there is just the slightest tire and wind noise intruding to the cabin.  

I am sure you can put it into sport, but this in many ways reminds me of the old Lexus LS400, it does one thing absolutely superb, and that’s luxurious effortless comfort.

The trip, that consisted mostly of motorway at 120km/h, ended at somewhere around 134wh/km (216 wh/mi), and should give it around 200km (124 miles) of range on a cold winter’s day, in the warmer weather with some careful driving we know 400km (249 miles) ( is well within reach. It charges relatively quick too so long trips are not a big issue here at all.

First Fully Electric Mercedes-Benz EQC Coming In Early 2020

So even though it’s been out a few years, and many cars have come since, it still has its own little niche, it’s not too big, it’s easy to park and handle, and it feels like a Mercedes should do, powerful and cosseting to the driver. It isn’t perfect, but it is a very good early attempt.

LivingEVs Take:

The LivingEVs headquarters is based in Los Angeles, California which means that we will not receive the EQC for a while if not at all down here. Estimates say that the vehicle will make it to the market during mid-2022 which is a bit far away.

It is a good replacement for the Model X or e-Tron?

I would say it is a different car for different people. The e-Tron and in the EQC have a very similar purpose and in that case, I would go for the Mercedes due to the higher feeling of quality and the e-Tron, in my opinion, is a little bit lacklustre and you can see in my other article. Over the Model X would be a different story as the Model X, I would side with the Model X due to the higher level of confidence in their range and the infrastructure.

Would I buy one?

We will have to see what happens as the refreshed model has been teased to arrive here in the United States.

As always thanks for reading the article and if you are interested in becoming a writer that would be great!

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