About Me

As of now I am currently 17 years old with a burning passion of all things electric. My family and I picked up our very first electric vehicle which is. Tesla Model 3 SR+ as truly it has changed my life for the better. Around 6 month gap I dedicated myself to learning more about sustainable transportation and the future of battery electric vehicles impact on our culture as a human species and as a dedication to learning about engineering and exploring new innovative ideas. As you may or may not have already know I run an instagram channel called LivingEV’s which is a startup up page for everything which is electric and as of time of writing I have suppressed 1,000 followers which is a huge milestone for me. Along the way I have been able to meet new friends and learn more about electric vehicles from people who have been in this game for much long than I have. On a side note, I am also passionate for engineering and noticed many few little issues with my Model 3 which could have been upgraded which has led me on a journey of creating my own business on selling aftermarket Tesla parts which people are starting to grow to love and tell me about them everyday. Please join me and my journey to meet as many like-minded people and grow as a community. This blog/new website will be to me dedicated my time through reviews, news, blogs and collaboration.